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Preformed Lines and Rolls

Material type: Preformed thermoplastic road marking (semi-finished). Standard package cardboard box 60x100 cm (~3-6 cm height).
DO NOT tilt or place boxes upright during transport/ handling since contents may deform. Store dry and protected from direct sunlight.
Depending on content in boxes it is normally not recommended to stack more than 25 boxes.
For application outdoors. Rain/ traffic contributes to keeping the marking clean.
Formulated for resistance to snow-plowing and studded tires (provided correct application/ surface).
Colors: White, yellow and standard colors
Thickness: 3 mm +0,4/-0,3 including factory applied surface particles (Rolls ~2,3 mm)
Wear: Correctly applied comparable to machine applied thermoplastic and several times higher than ordinary striping paint.
Initial values can be achieved for white materials provided correct application and use of high quality combination of drop-on beads/ friction particles: RL ≥ 150 mcd (R3), SRT ≥ 55 (S3) measured as described in EN 1436:2018

Produced by: Wikinggruppen

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