ColorPoint Osby Kemi AB manufactures precision cut stencils for marking roads, parking lots, logistics centres etc. We precision cut in a wide range of materials such as oil tempered hard board, 0.6 mm (24 mil) galvanized sheet metal, aluminum, stainless and LDPE Polyethylene etc. Stencils are cut into modules with dimensions up to 120x120 cm. Stencils can also be made in one piece up to 150x300 cm! Normally we deliver stencils up to 120x120 cm mounted standing on a pallet with dimensions 120x80 cm.

  • High precision
  • Flexibility and fast delivery
  • Architect's drawing is transferred via email to our CAD system
  • Multi colour stencils systems
  • Minimization or elimination of "bridges"
  • We offer processing and conversion to dxf from scanned originals
  • Wide material selection. Few limits due to water jet cutting technology!
  • Drawing archived on request – urgent re-supply if needed!