Preformed Thermo

MeltMark is a preformed thermoplastic road marking material delivered as ready cut lines, arrows and pictograms. MeltMark is delivered in two thicknesses 2.3 mm (90 mil) and 3 mm (120 mil) including drop-on glass beads. Thinner material enables to optimize service life in light traffic areas. The MeltMark product is delivered in white and more than ten standard colors. MeltMark is applied to the asphalt surface via heat fusion using a propane torch as heat source. The application process is fast and requires minimal installation equipment. Preformed road marking gives high flexibility and is cost effective. Preformed thermoplastic material (correctly applied) has 6 to 8 times longer durability than one component paint. MeltMark is delivered in 60x100 cm card board boxes stacked on 80x120 cm pallet. Lines (5 and 10 cm wide), shark teeth and smaller items are delivered in special protective boxes.



  • Preformed lines , arrows, pictograms packed in boxes and ready for application
  • Easily applied using only a propane torch, broom and chalk line
  • High durability compared to one component striping paint
  • High whiteness and containing mix in beads
  • Surface treated with drop on beads
  • In melted state apply extra drop on beads for high initial retro reflectivity
  • Standard MeltMark developed for Nordic climate with studded tires
  • MeltMark Tropical developed for hot climate
  • More than ten standard colors
  • Thicknesses 2.3 mm (90 mil) and 3 mm (120 mil)
  • MeltMark can be cut to most 2-dimensional shapes

Easily applied!