Decorative Markings

MeltMark not only consist of products for horizontal traffic markings and parking lots. We also produce material in more than ten standard colours used for decorative purposes outdoors on asphalt and concrete. Decorative MeltMark is based on the MeltMark original formulation in combination with special heat and UV resistant pigments. We offer more than ten standard colours in the yellow, orange, red, violett, blue and green colour space. We also produce a special black material with IR-reflective properties and high friction surface treatment. MeltMark Decorative is applied with same method as standard MeltMark. If applied on conctrete surface or aged asphalt always use a two component primer! The possibilities are limitless with decorative MeltMark...


  • Logos and advertisement on asphalt or concrete
  • Directional arrows and messages for fast food restaurants
  • Material for Public Art
  • Decoration of horizontal asphalt surfaces outdoors
  • Large texts visible from the air
  • Educational games, number snakes, hopscotches etc.