AcryRoad S-1900

AcryRoad S-1900 is a matte acrylic traffic/ striping paint based on organic solvents. The product is designed to be applied on concrete and different types of asphalt surfaces. Suitable for application by airless or air atomized equipment. AcryRoad S-1900 is fast drying and has high durability and whiteness. The product is a "high solid type" and contains approximately 25% percent organic solvents by weight. The organic solvents used in AcryRoad S-1900 have been chosen for best technical and environmental performance. For retro-reflectio glass beads can be added to the wet film during application. Can be used in combination with stencils (made by ColorPoint) for symbols and legends. Delivered in 25 kg pails with fast closing lid (UN/ADR). Read data sheet and MSDS for more information!

    • Fast drying 
    • Durable (acrylic binder)
    • Good adhesion to asphalt and concrete
    • High whiteness
    • Can be finished with clear coat for enhanced dirt retention