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  • Preformed Thermo

    Preformed lines, arrows and pictograms
  • Stencils

    Precision cut stencils
  • Decorative Markings

    Educational games, logos, asphalt decorations
  • Extruder & Spray

    Thermoplastic Roadmarking Materials
  • Night Time Yellow

    Lead chromate free Masterbatch
  • Thermoplastic Paint

    Sprayable down to 0,4 mm (16 mils) dry film

Welcome to ColorPoint Osby Kemi AB!

Welcome to our website in English. This website is currently limited in scope and covers only Preformed/ Decorative Thermoplastic and Stencils. For our international webpage visitors we would like to inform that we also develop and manufacture thermoplastics for screeding/ extrusion for main roads and parking lots. We are specialized in manufacturing lead chromate free yellow master batch for night time yellow reflective road marking. ColorPoint offers thermoplastic paint that can be applied down to 16 mils (0.4 mm) dry film. These products are covered in our Swedish website and are mainly marketed in the Nordic countries and Baltic States. Our domestic business includes trading glass beads, asphalt sealers, aerosols and similar products.

  • Preformed Thermoplastics & Sheet Export
  • Precision cut Stencils
  • Road Marking Production Know-how
  • Road Marking Materials for Nordic market since 1996


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